Who We Are

What began as a mission for a 9-year old boy to win the US Open Chess Championship (Class B Award) to take care of the education and healthcare of an underprivileged child in 2008 using his own won prize-money set the founding stone in 2012 for Chess for Humanity, which has impacted more than 1,000 members of the community.

Founded by Akshay Malhotra, a social entrepreneur, a US National Scholar Chess Player, and a National Master who finished equal 3rd place in the World Amateur Chess Championship over participants from 38 countries and who holds five US national titles and 13 state titles, Chess for Humanity is committed to helping community members realize their full potential and build a better world.

We believe that the best way to unlock human potential and to transform lives and communities in today’s world is through the power of sustainable education involving effective decision making, challenging problem solving and life skills programs, which we implement and drive in various communities.

We are the blessings of 5-year old Nayun’s poor parents, whose child is covered for his entire education and healthcare.

We are the dream coming true of 16-year old Himanshu, an underprivileged boy who will complete his schooling in 2017 with fully covered education and healthcare since 2008.

We are the smiles of more than 200 school children who are on their journey to succeed in schools and in life with our sustainable programs.

We are the light in the dark for various at-risk youths finding ways through our challenging problem-solving and life skills education.

We are the joy and strength for our veterans living their best life stories during tough times of transition.

We are the hope in despair for our seniors fighting Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

We are little impacts shaping our communities.

We are little stones thrown in the water creating endless ripples of change.

We are power of humanity… We are Chess for Humanity.